Dortmund is a city in the Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern…

Mondfinsternis über Dortmund

Dortmund is a city in the Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany. Its airport is home to several low-cost airlines (easyJet, Wizzair, Air Berlin) and serves mainly national and European travelers. There are shuttle buses between the airport and central station. Neighboring cities include Bochum, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Münster, and Köln (Cologne). The local Christmas Market is one of the largest in Germany and hosts one of the largest Christmas trees in the world (in fact a collection of many smaller trees). It’s open from late November to just before Christmas. Football club Borussia Dortmund are former European Champions and one of Germany’s top clubs in the Bundesliga. The city center is a walkable shopping mile with lots of stores. The Thier-Gallerie is Dortmund’s first mall. In a traditional pub drinking beer, try a “Salzkuchen mit Mett” (caraway-spiced roll with seasoned mincemeat and onions) or a “Mettende” (smoked sausage with spicy mustard). Dortmund is home to some famous breweries – don’t miss out, drink a “Stösschen” in any of the old fashioned pubs. This beer specialty is served in a small glass and can be drunk in about 2 draughts.

Hi! me and a group of internet friends want to send each other a little secret santa present. I’m from Germany and will send something to an australian friend. So my question is what can I put inside the package? I thought about something typical regional (which is in my case Hallorenkugeln), some kind of “Weihnachtsgebäck” and a nice christmas card. I can’t send her a bottle of beer because she is still under age. any other ideas? thank you :)

Hi there, good idea and interesting about the Hallorenkugeln – I’ll make a post on them later, had not heard of these and they look tasty. :) Since it’s for Christmas, maybe you can get some things from the Christmas Market – like some little decor items for the Christmas tree, gebrannte Mandeln or similar non-perishable things. Lebkuchen is also typisch deutsch, e.g. those Bahlsen packages like Contessa? I don’t know how big your package will be but another thing uniquely German are the Dickmann Schokokuesse and (as shown in the random person’s candy tasting video I just posted), there’s this mini version that won’t take up too much room. Another thing would be German marzipan (or just Ritter Sport marzipan chocolate) and Dominosteine. Maybe some other typical German Christmas cookies like Spekulatius or something homemade. Also check out the candy tag for inspiration. You’re welcome. :)

Hi,I read an interview made to Paul Landers (Rammstein) and he said that Germans do not celebrate Halloween, is that true?. This is what he said:”No. We have, in fact, performed naked before. It was at a Halloween show on tour with Korn and Limp Bizkit. Korn dressed as a 1980’s metal band and Limp Bizkit dressed like Elvis. We don’t have Halloween in Germany, so we couldn’t think of what to do. Everyone had made so much effort we couldn’t ignore it, so we decided to play in the nude.”

Yes, that is mostly true. Halloween is a North American holiday, mostly based on Irish tradition, even though I see some aspects of old German regional customs in it as well, e.g. parts of Hessen with its (not pumpkin but) forage beets/turnip lanterns. Until fairly recently, maybe a decade ago, Halloween in the form it takes in North America only existed in American movies for us and other Europeans. Nowadays some kids celebrate it in Germany, too, but not like in the US. There are other “dress up” holidays in Germany – Fasching/Karneval and other customs such as Matten Meeren/Martinssingen or Nikolaslaufen. Customs vary regionally in Germany, also between predominantly Catholic vs. Protestant areas. Read more about the Halloween topic here.

Inside the Schlosshotel Kronberg in the Taunus regions of Hessen…

Inside the Schlosshotel Kronberg in the Taunus regions of Hessen near Frankfurt/Main. It was built between 1889 and 1893 for the German Empress Victoria and originally named Schloss Friedrichshof in honor of her late husband, Kaiser Friedrich III. Today the castle is a 5-star hotel which belongs, together with the accompanying park, to the House of Hessen. Parts of the original furnishings as well as pieces of art from the collection of the Empress are still present in the hotel, along with her extensive library. The grounds contain an 18-hole golf course, built by Dwight D. Eisenhower (who stayed at the hotel with his staff for 7 years beginning in 1946), and a public park. Click here for more notable hotels in Germany.

Hamburg shopping area Christmas decoration. Neuer Wall is an…

Rich People

Hamburg shopping area Christmas decoration. Neuer Wall is an upmarket shopping street in Hamburg, Northern Germany. It’s located in the Neustadt and stretches from Jungfernstieg on Lake Binnenalster to Stadthausbrücke. At the 1864 built Mellin-Passage, it has an interconnecting mall to Alsterarkaden. 
The 1200 m of shop fronts are almost entirely lined with luxury brands. According to international real estate & retail reports, Neuer Wall is among the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe.

Favorite German Words

Die Affenliebe = literally “monkey love”. A kind of blind adoration or doting love, often used as a sort of substitute for true love or other things missing in someone’s life. Also: the tendency in mothers to shower their offspring with affection and anticipate their every need and desire, especially common in single mothers who aim to please their child, possibly out of guilt. The term is also used in the context of infatuation, e.g. when someone is “crushing” on another person, but it’s more about lust or teenage-style, tunnel-visioned adoration than actual love.

Rinder Roulade mit Kartoffelpüree – Zubereitung und Zutaten…

Rinder Roulade mit Kartoffelpüree – Zubereitung und Zutaten (Stuffed Beef Roulades with Mashed Potatoes – very traditional German dish)

Zutaten für ca. 4 Personen: 4 Rinderrouladen (a 200g) ~ 3 Zwiebeln ~ 2 Karotten ~ ½ Lauch ~ ½ kleiner Sellerie ~ 150 g Bauchspeck in Scheiben ~ 500 ml Wasser ~ 350 ml Rotwein ~ 2 EL mittelscharfer Senf ~ 3 Lorbeerblaetter ~ 10 g Tomatenmark ~ 6 Cornichons ~ 4 Zahnstocher ~ 1000 g Kartoffeln, mehlig kochend ~ 250 ml Milch ~ 60 g Butter ~ 1 Prise Muskatnuss ~ neutrales Öl zum Anbraten ~ Salz & Pfeffer zum Abschmecken

“Karotten, Sellerie und Zwiebeln schälen. Lauch halbieren und waschen – Gemüse und Zwiebeln grob schneiden. Zwiebel halbieren und in feine Streifen schneiden. Rinderroulade flach ausbreiten, mit Senf bestreichen, salzen und pfeffern, je 2 Scheiben Bauchspeck in die Mitte legen, einige Zwiebelstreifen darauf geben, eineinhalb Cornichons auflegen, die Seiten einklappen, eng aufrollen und mit einem Zahnstocher fixieren. Öl erhitzen und Gemüse kräftig dunkel anbraten – Rouladen stark würzen und von allen Seiten 2 Min. anbraten. Rouladen bei Seite stellen, Bratensatz mit Rotwein ablöschen. Tomatenmark zugeben und mit braten, mit Rotwein ablöschen, Bratensatz, Wasser und Lorbeer zugeben. Rouladen hinzufügen, aufkochen, Deckel darauf geben und 30 Min. sanft köcheln lassen. Kartoffeln in Salzwasser mit einem Lorbeerblatt 30 min weich kochen. Milch und reichlich Butter erwärmen (nicht kochen). Kartoffeln mit Salz, Pfeffer und Muskat durch die Presse drücken und mit der Milch glattrühren und abdecken. Rouladen bei Seite geben, Sauce pürieren und durch ein Sieb passieren, danach aufkochen und abschmecken. Roulade mit Kartoffelpüree und Sauce anrichten und sofort servieren. HMMMMMMMM!!!!!! – mehr auf”