Basic Facts about GERMANY


* The current population of Germany is about 82,656,067 – 15th in the world – 1.152% of the world population lives in Germany.

Germany is home to many of the most famous composers of classical music, including Bach, Händel, Beethoven, Bruckner, Schumann, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wagner, Telemann, and Richard Strauss.

* The Germans occupy the 2nd position when it comes to the consumption of beer: 107 liters of beer per year (after Czech Republic with 132)

German athletes won a total of 1548 Olympic medals in recent Olympics, 2nd only to the athletes from the United States.

* Germany was the first country in the world to adopt daylight saving time. This happened at the height of the First World War (1916).

* Large parts of the Autobahn have no speed limit.

* There are more than 300 varieties of freshly-baked bread in Germany and there’s a bakery on every corner. Butcher shops, too.

* German is the official language in 5 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

* Germany is Europe’s largest economy and 2nd-most populous nation.

Ethnic groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish)

* Religion: Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 3.7%, unaffiliated or other 28.3%