I’ve been living in Thuringia for a bit, and I have to wonder, the passion and love that people have for cake in this region is something shared throughout the country? Everyone loves cake at any time for any occasion!

Yes… cake. It’s popular all over Germany and the varieties are endless. Some are regional, some are based on super secret family recipes, some are currently in fashion, many are popular all over the country. Of course there is our famous Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) afternoon ritual, and, particularly in coastal areas of the North also the TEA and cake ritual. Depending on time available and personal habits, this ritual may take place every day, just on the weekend, only on Sunday or at family gatherings, or never, around the hours of 3 and 5 pm (Kaffeezeit). Visiting relatives in different states, I have noticed that the people of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg/Schwaben even serve leftover cake or pastries for breakfast. Have not seen this in my Northern areas but it probably also just varies between families. Hope you‘re enjoying your time in Thüringen and all the cake. 🙂

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Milchhörnchen-Rezept The German version of French croissants….


The German version of French croissants. Try one – homemade or from a bakery. 🙂

Mandelhörnchen-Rezept http://www.holozaen.de/mandelhoernchen-rez…



For those who are not into baking, these almond crescents also are available at many German bakeries. 🙂

Mandelhörnchen – Marzipan Almond CrescentsA recipe (in English)…

Mandelhörnchen – Marzipan Almond Crescents

A recipe (in English) here. Many
bakeries make them – try one. 🙂

Das Zwiebelbrot – bread with caramelized onions. Try it from a…

Das Zwiebelbrot – bread with caramelized onions. Try it from a bakery, it’s delicious. 🙂

Münchner Marienplatz im Zeitraffer | Abenteuer Leben“Der…

Münchner Marienplatz im Zeitraffer | Abenteuer Leben

“Der Marienplatz in München – einer der beliebtesten Plätz der Stadt, gerade für Touristen. Aber was macht diesen Platz so besonders? Abenteuer Leben lüftet das Geheimnis und zeigt einen Tag vom Marienplatz im Schnelldurchlauf.”

Marienplatz in Munich, Bavaria – a central square and what happens on and around it. 15 mins, auf Deutsch.

welcometogermany: Bakery in Füssen, Germany. The blue and white…


Bakery in Füssen, Germany. The blue and white checkerboard are the typical Bavarian colors that you will see a lot in Bayern as they reflect the Bavarian flag. Any German living or travelling abroad misses Germany’s excellent bread and rolls. There are more than 300 varieties of dark and white breads, and more than 1,200 varieties of rolls and mini-breads (Brötchen & Kleingebäck) are produced in bakeries around the country.