We have those same wind patterns here in Western Canada, we call them Chinooks. We had one just a few days ago- the weather went from -35° C to 4° C. Now we’re back in the deep freeze, but it was a welcome break

Hi there. I think you were referring to this post http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/foehn and Canadian weather is really impressive. Northern Germany is around the Canadian Souths‘ longitude, but weather patterns here are different, in part due to the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift. I think I might die at -35 Celsius — more of a warm weather person and so not into snow! I mean, it looks pretty and all and frozen lakes are fun, and icicles are pretty… but after about a week of it, I‘d rather sit under palm trees on a beach, sipping ice cold drinks. 🙂 We have a lot of rain and (depending on location) more or less ice and snow in Germany in winter but unless you‘re in the highest mountains, temps rarely go below – 10 C or – 12 C, and for most of the country probably linger more around – 5 to + 10 for the winter on average. When I was a kid there was more snow, too.

Winter: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/winter
Weather: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/weather Climate: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/climate Snow: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/snow

After months of research and deliberation, I just booked a one-way ticket to Germany because fuck it. I’m young, I have a degree, a savings account, some B2 Deutsch, and as it stands currently, I’m already underemployed here in Canada, so why not? I’m excited and scared and freaking out a little bit, and I really needed to tell someone.

Oh cool. Have you been to Germany before? Where are you going?

Couldn’t help but laugh. When I first heard someone say…

Couldn’t help but laugh. When I first heard someone say it, I had no idea what that word was. Bach is another one. 😄

Favorite German Words: Das Eichhörnchen = squirrel. Internet…

Favorite German Words: Das Eichhörnchen = squirrel. Internet sources claim that Germans cannot properly pronounce the English word “squirrel”. Well, why don’t you try saying our word “Eichhörnchen”? ;D

GERMAN FOOD PORN: Vegan Edition w/ Nadine SykoraRandom person’s…

GERMAN FOOD PORN: Vegan Edition w/ Nadine Sykora

Random person’s video – the vegan capital of Germany probably actually is Berlin and/or Hamburg, but it looks like Leipzig has many options, too. 

“Guten Tag from Leipzig, the vegan capital of Germany! Myself and Nadine Sykora (Hey Nadine) explored the city to find the best vegan German food. From vegan bratwurst to vegan döner to a pretzel hamburger, Leipzig sure makes living a vegan lifestyle while traveling very easy. Even Siya compared the vegan meat version to animal meat, and well, you’ll have to watch the video to see what he thinks. This is GERMAN FOOD PORN: VEGAN EDITION!”

A Visit to German Spas“Today I am going to take a look at spas,…

A Visit to German Spas

“Today I am going to take a look at spas, from the roots with the Babylonians and Greeks to the modern experience in Germany. I will also share a Canadians, (mine), first experience in a nude spa; to find out if I am prude or a convert you will have to watch.”

Culture clash at its finest: Canadian meets nudity in Germany. 😀 All saunas in Germany involve nudity and they’re co-ed, as in male/female mixing, unless it’s designated man’s or woman’s day. Also FYI: “Spa” = “das Bad” [pronounced bahht] in German. All German towns starting with “Bad” (e.g. Bad Homburg, Bad Nenndorf, etc.) are designated spa towns, where health tourism is a business, usually based on local mineral springs & such. You should try one. 😉

Hi! I’m from Vancouver and I love the German culture, architecture, and history- I feel so connected to it and find Bavaria feels like a home away from home to me. May I ask how Germans view Canada/Canadians? ♡

Hi there. I can only speak for myself but Canada, to me, is more like a mix of Europe and the USA (as is Australia, btw). Canada seems somewhat more introverted and more… modest than the US, more environmentally friendly, more “socialist” with healthcare, and you use Celsius and kilometer like the rest of the world. 😀 Landscapes remind me of Scandinavia, big cities of the USA. Canada seems more “granola” than the US. Also see the Canadians tag here and the Canada tag here. Bayern/Bavaria tag here.

If anybody else wants to answer this, leave a message. 🙂