Schokokuss-Rezept mit Himbeer- und Vanillegeschmack Random…

Schokokuss-Rezept mit Himbeer- und Vanillegeschmack

Random person‘s recipe for delicious Schokoküsse. These are a classic for children‘s birthday parties and can also be bought ready-made at the supermarket.

willkommen-in-germany: The Adler von Lübeck (‘Eagle of Lübeck’)…


The Adler von Lübeck (‘Eagle of Lübeck’) was a 16th-century warship of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, Northern Germany. It was one of the largest ships in the world at its time, built by the city during the Seven Years’ War to escort a convoy of merchant ships in the Baltic and North Sea. However, the Adler was never put into action, since Lübeck had already entered peace negotiations with Sweden at the time of the ship’s completion. After the Treaty of Stettin (1570), the Große Adler was converted into a freighter for trade with the Iberian peninsula.  

willkommen-in-germany: Nienburg/Weser is a town in…


Nienburg/Weser is a town in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany. Situated on the scenic Deutsche Fachwerkstraße (German Timber-Frame Road), it lies on the river Weser, 55 km from Bremen, and 45 km from Hannover. The major reason for the emergence and development of Nienburg into the largest city in the Middle Weser region was its location at a convenient ford in the Weser, leading to multiple trade routes radiating from the location. As early as 1025 the location was referred to as Negenborg (New Castle). In 1215 it began to be referred to as a city when Count Henry I of Hoya began the residence of his ruling line. From 1582-1866 the Welfen (Guelph) Dukes of Braunschweig-Lüneburg controlled the county, except for a brief Napoleonic French rule from 1803 to 1813. The former suburb Wölpe refers to the Grafen (earls) von Wölpe and the associated castle.

Löwenbräu („lion’s brew“) is a brewery in München, Southern…

Löwenbräu („lion’s brew“) is a brewery in München, Southern Germany. Most of its beers are marketed as being brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the beer purity law of 1516. The brewery was founded around 1383. Its lion emblem originates from a 17th-century fresco in the brewing house, depicting Daniel in the lions’ den. Löwenbräu has been served at every Oktoberfest in Munich since 1810. Because only beers that are brewed in Munich are permitted to be sold at Oktoberfest, Löwenbräu is 1 of 6 breweries represented, along with Augustinerbräu, Hofbräuhaus, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Spaten.

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  • Memrise – lots of free vocabulary courses which use spaced repetition system

  • Languageguide – words by topics

  • Ielanguages – words by topics

  • Learnwitholiver – lots of flashcards with german vocabulary

  • Syvum – German to English vocabulary quizzes

  • Lingolia – words by topics with exercises

  • Anki – a website which lets you create flashcards and learn them using spaced repetition system

  • Cram – German flashcards

  • Quizlet – another website for flashcards creation

  • Cerego – lots of courses with german flashcards

  • Nthuleen – vocabulary woksheets by topics

  • Babadum – a fun and pretty vocabulary quiz


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