Deutschland im mittelalter

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Die Deutschen I -2v10 – Heinrich und der Pabst Auf Deutsch. The…

Die Deutschen I -2v10 – Heinrich und der Pabst

Auf Deutsch. The history of the Germans. Entire playlist of the series here, 21 videos, 45 minutes each:

museum-of-artifacts: German universal tool. Nuremberg, about…


German universal tool. Nuremberg, about 1560’s

Sieht jünger aus, als es ist. 😀

Favorite German Words

Der Raubritter = literally “robber knight” aka “robber baron”. Originally used in the sense of European feudal lords who robbed travelers passing through their domain by making them pay inappropriate amounts of currency, or by having them robbed of possessions in order to pass. In more modern use. it’s may be a person who’s made a very large amount of money, not afraid to act illegally or in an immoral way to do so. Someone who became wealthy by unethical means, like through shady stock market operations or the exploitation of others.

Terra X – Die Geschichte des Essens: Dessert“Nachspeisen gelten…

Terra X – Die Geschichte des Essens: Dessert

“Nachspeisen gelten als dekadent und unnötig. Aber genau das macht sie so reizvoll. Christian Rach begibt sich auf die Reise durch die Geschichte von Kuchen und Pudding, Pralinen und Schokolade.”

FAUN – “Tanz mit mir” FAUN is one of the…

FAUN – “Tanz mit mir” 

FAUN is one of the world’s leading bands in the fusion of old sounds, Medieval, Celtic, and Nordic folk with modern music and have now released 8 CDs in which they mix several old and new European languages. They were nominated 3 times for the “Echo”, Germany’s largest music award. “Von den Elben” has reached platinum status; “LUNA”, the latest album, reached #4 in the German album charts. FAUN so far has played 800 concerts around the world and is touring with different shows, like a seated concert for theaters and classical venues, but also with a powerful festival set with big drums and a mesmerizing light show. Albums: “Zaubersprüche” (Incantations, 2002) – “Licht” (Light, 2004) – “Renaissance” (2005) – “Totem” (2007) – “FAUN & the pagan folk festival LIVE” (2008) – “Buch der Balladen” (Book of ballads, acoustic, 2009) – “Eden“ (2011) – “Von den Elben” (2012) – “Luna” (2014). 

Sat. 05.03.16 – CH Zurich – Volkshaus
Sun. 06.03.16 – CH Basel – Stadt Casino

Fri. 01.04.16 – RU Moscow – Klub Red
Sat. 02.04 16 – RU St. Petersburg – Zal
Fri. 15.04.16 – ES Barcelona – Sala Razzmatazz
Sun. 17.04.16 – ES Madrid – Sala Copernico
Sat. 07.05.16 – IT Costa Volpino – Strigarium
Sat. 28.05.16 – D Berlin – MPS
Sat. 11.06.16 – D Dortmund – MPS
Sat. 02.07.16 – D Weil am Rhein – MPS
Sat. 09.07.16 – D Bückeburg – MPS
Fri. 22.07.16 – FR Lyon – Ragnard Rock
Sat. 23.07.16 – D Karlsruhe – MPS
Sun. 24.07.16 – D Wasserschloss Chemnitz
Thu. 28.07.16 – D Memmingen – Hist. Woche
Sat. 30.07.16 – D Oranienburg / Berlin
Fri. 05.08.16 – NL Lisse – Castlefest
Fri. 12.08.16 – D Schlosshoffestival Höchstadt
Sat. 13.08.16 – D Telgte – MPS
Sun. 14.08.16 – D Mera Luna
Sat. 20.08.16 – D Aach an der Aach – MPS
Thu. 25.08.16 – D Rittergut Positz (Jena)
Fri. 26.08.16 – D Wuppertal – Feuertal Fest
Sat. 27.08.16 – D Speyer – MPS

Lightening over Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Southwestern…

Lightening over Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Southwestern Germany. Worms is situated on the Upper Rhein 60 km from Frankfurt am Main. A pre-Roman foundation, it was the capital of the kingdom of the Burgundians in the 5th century and hence the scene of the medieval legends referring to this period, notably the first part of the Nibelungenlied. It was a Roman Catholic bishopric since at least 614, and an important palatinate of Charlemagne. Worms Cathedral is one of the Imperial Cathedrals and among the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Germany. Worms prospered in the High Middle Ages as an Imperial Free City. Among more than a hundred Imperial Diets held at Worms, the Diet of 1521 ended with the Edict of Worms in which Martin Luther was declared a heretic. Today, the city is an industrial center and is famed as the origin of Liebfraumilch wine. Other industries include chemicals and metal goods.