Favorite German Words


Der Weisswurstäquator =  literally “white sausage equator”. 🙂 It’s a humorous term describing the cultural boundary separating Southern Germany, especially Bayern (Bavaria), from the rest of Germany. 

It’s named for Weisswurst, a Bavarian specialty sausage. There’s no precise definition as to where the Weisswurstäquator runs – it’s sometimes taken to correspond with the linguistic boundary known as the Speyer line, which separates Upper German from Central & North German dialects, roughly following the Main River line. Other times, it’s taken to run further south along the Donau (Danube), or between the Main and the Donau, roughly along the 49th parallel north circle of latitude. Either way, there are pronounced regional differences in Germany, the North/South line being a major one along with the previous East/West line. But even within these, there are regional clusters of similar cultures and dialects that may or may not cross federal state lines.