We have those same wind patterns here in Western Canada, we call them Chinooks. We had one just a few days ago- the weather went from -35° C to 4° C. Now we’re back in the deep freeze, but it was a welcome break

Hi there. I think you were referring to this post http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/foehn and Canadian weather is really impressive. Northern Germany is around the Canadian Souths‘ longitude, but weather patterns here are different, in part due to the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift. I think I might die at -35 Celsius — more of a warm weather person and so not into snow! I mean, it looks pretty and all and frozen lakes are fun, and icicles are pretty… but after about a week of it, I‘d rather sit under palm trees on a beach, sipping ice cold drinks. 🙂 We have a lot of rain and (depending on location) more or less ice and snow in Germany in winter but unless you‘re in the highest mountains, temps rarely go below – 10 C or – 12 C, and for most of the country probably linger more around – 5 to + 10 for the winter on average. When I was a kid there was more snow, too.

Winter: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/winter
Weather: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/weather Climate: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/climate Snow: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/snow

Your post about breakfasts is pretty surreal to me since normal breakfasts for me consist of either an egg, a fruit, or nothing. Is it really normal to have such big breakfasts in Germany?

Yes, it’s normal. My family has this kind of breakfast with great varieties of Wurst und Käse, Marmelade usw. every day. Of course there will also be people who don’t have breakfast at all, maybe for lack of time or appetite early in the morning, some might only have extended breakfasts like this on weekends and just crunch on some toast on the go or a Brezel from the corner bakery. But yes, all in all, Germans like a proper breakfast with CHOICES. 🙂 (And the only warm things on the table usually are boiled egg and coffee, unless it’s like Sunday brunch, another animal altogether and even more choices, haha.) Our grandmas told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This blog’s breakfast tag:

So if you see grumpy, whiny German tourists in your country in the morning, whining about the (white) bread and lack of breakfast choices, please forgive us and understand our utter despair. 😇(I’ve been to 30+ countries now and many had delicious breakfasts but no one goes crazy with bread, rolls and toppings like we do… except maybe the Americans with their diner-style hot breakfasts.)

Ich hab keinen Bausparvertrag, Schweinshaxen müssen nicht sein, ich hab kein Auto und ich besitze keine weißen Socken :D

KEIN AUTO?? *faints In dem Punkt bin ich wohl typisch deutsch. Schweinshaxen dagegen finde ich persönlich ja etwas gruselig… vielleicht nach so 6 Humpen Bier… müsste ich mir erst schöntrinken. 🤣

Ich bin Deutscher und mag weder Bier noch Fußball noch Karneval

Karneval mag ich auch nicht, Fussball nur bei der WM. Hast du einen Bausparvertrag? 😃Magst du Schweinshaxen? Wäscht du jeden Samstag brav dein Auto? Trägst du weisse Socken mit Sandalen?

Unpopular opinion: ich mag kein Mett.

Ich liebe ja Mett, aber mochte mal kein Bier. Da wollten manche mich schon als deutsche Verräterin rausschmeissen. 😀Inzwischen habe ich mich aber an den schrecklichen Biergeschmack gewöhnt, und jetzt freuen sie sich alle.

Hey Germans!

What’s for Christmas dinner in your family on the 25th? 🙂

We will have roast goose with dumplings, red cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and baked apples – Weihnachtsgans mit Klössen, Rotkohl, Rosenkohl und Bratäpfeln.

I love animals. How many zoos are there in Germany? What are the most common pets people have? Do you have any pets? :)

Me too. 🙂 According to a database I just saw, there are 863 zoos in Germany, Berlin being the largest and also the largest in the world, apparently. Here’s a list of Germany’s zoos on the English Wiki. I have a beautiful cat who owns me. 🙂 You might like this blog’s ‘pets’ tag.