The beer in which we have invested all our years of experience and 175 years of competence. With its slight bitterness, fresh spiciness and fully matured flavour, Thurn & Taxis Pilsener stands for a uniquely satisfying beer.The right enjoyment for every occasion, as an aperitif, too!



(11.6% original wort, 4.9% alcohol)

Packaging: 24 x 0.33L
Price: RM 312.00

Thurn und Taxis Introduction

Thurn und Taxis

brewed in Munich

Innovative entrepreneurial spirit for more than 500 years!

The brewery of St. Emmeram, originally run by monks, is considered to be one of the oldest and original breweries in Europe. The Kingdom of Bavaria made over the imperial monastry to the Thurn & Taxis family in 1812. The family created in short time out of the 120 surrounding breweries one big company with headquarters in Schierling, near Regensburg and advanced to become a brewery which is now noted for its special brewing expertise and innovative power. Thurn und Taxis was the first brewery to promote resolutely the Pilsener style of beer, is the first and only to brew Roggenbier (rye beer) following traditional recipes. It was as well the first company to supply Wheatbeer draught (from the keg). Today Thurn und Taxis is part of the Paulaner brewery group and beers brewed in Munich by Paulaner in the true tradition of St. Emmeram.

Thurn und Taxis – brewing competence ad nauseam!