15-minute docu on the history of the Berlin Wall, in English.

The song in it is “Tear down these walls” by Runrig.

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Ougenweide is a progressive rock band from Ger…

Ougenweide is a progressive rock band from Germany, notable for being pioneers of the medieval folk rock genre. The name comes from Middle High German Augenweide = feast for the eyes. It was founded in 1970 in Hamburg as a folk rock band. From the beginning, the band wanted to set music to old poems and songs, but they never completely restricted themselves to the Medieval. Their second album from 1974 used texts from the Merseburg Incantations. This sound recording of the Merseburger Zaubersprüche was covered later by many bands, including Die Irrlichter, and by the medieval metal group In Extremo. They also used text-fragments by Walther von der Vogelweide, Heinrich von Mügeln, and Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Albums:

Ougenweide, 1973 — All die weil ich mag, 1974 — Ohrenschmaus, 1976 — Eulenspiegel, 1976 — Frÿheit, 1978 — Ousflug, 1979 — Ja-Markt, 1980 — Noch aber ist April, 1981 — Sol, 1996 — Herzsprung, 2010 — Ungezwungen, 1977/2007 — Wol mich der Stunde, 2004 — Ouwe war, 2005 — Liederbuch Ougenweide, 1979/1988 — Lieder aus 9 Jahrhunderten, 1983 — Ougenweide/All die weil ich mag, 2006 — Ohrenschmaus/Eulenspiegel, 2006 — Walther von der Vogelweide – Saget mir ieman: waz ist Minne?, 2007 — Frÿheit/Ousflug, 2007 — Ja-Markt/Noch aber ist April, 2007