15-minute docu on the history of the Berlin Wall, in English.

The song in it is “Tear down these walls” by Runrig.

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Dreiklangdimensionen by Rheingold — a classic in electronica.

Rheingold was a Neue Deutsche Welle-band from Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany. Their most known titles were the above and „Fluß“. Albums:

Rheingold (LP 1980, CD 1991, CD met bonustracks 2005) — R. (LP 1982, CD 1993, CD met bonustracks 2005) — Dis-Tanz (LP 1984) — Electric City – Düsseldorfer Schule (MP3-download 2007, CD 2008) — Best of Rheingold (MP3-download 2010)

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