WDR Reisen — Das Allgäu

Docu on the Allgäu region in the Bavarian Alps, Southern Germany.

45 minutes, auf Deutsch with English subtitles.


Favorite German Words

Die Katzenwäsche = literally „cat wash“. A funny expression for a quick way of cleaning yourself when in a hurry to replace the usual lenghty bathing rituals. May be done in situations when you overslept and have to run or while camping or travelling — any situation where time or circumstance don‘t allow for your usual bathing rituals. Cats generally do not like water so „wash“ in quicker other ways. 🙂


Der Brocken — Ein Berg im Sperrgebiet — Geheime Anlagen — Geheimnisvolle Orte

ARD docu on the Brocken in the mysterious Harz Mountains of Northern Germany. Cold War spying, historical witch hunts, wildlife & more. 43 minutes, auf Deutsch.