I was reading a discussion post about people&#…

I was reading a discussion post about people's experience with rude natives when they're traveling and apparently Germans are often hostile to Americans? I've always thought they were a brutally honest but friendly enough country usually. Obv it differs with individuals but do Germans tend to dislike Americans? (I don't mean loud obnoxious tourists, those can be from any country anyway.)

There‘s a 98% chance that no one in Germany will care that you‘re American. We get MILLIONS of tourists every year and many of them come from the USA. If an American felt that a German was actually „hostile“ to them, the American probably misbehaved or said something stupid.

I was born in the Balkans and my family has been from there for a few hundred years but we are outsiders, originally from Germany. Let’s say Balkans since 1600 and Germany before that, would I and should I consider myself German?

I don‘t know. Where do you live now? Do you speak German? Did you keep up German traditions? Do you feel more German or more local, wherever you are? I know that, through the last 2 wars and their aftermath, a lot of Germans in the diaspora who had emigrated at some point or lived in areas previously German that no longer were post war, were either made to deny their German roots or did so voluntarily in order to blend in locally. In East European areas, many were literally forced to stop speaking their language, etc. due to Russian domination. In the Americas, many changed their names and stopped speaking German after countries like the USA put Germans (and Japanese) in internment camps during WW2, seized their properties, money, etc. which most never got back. So this is a complex topic. On a more practical level, you might want to look into current law as to who may apply for German citizenship, based on heritage. I have a few things in queue on German minorities in Eastern Europe.

The Diaspora tag so far: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/diaspora

From the north, yet using an Oktoberfest icon, what blatant Bajuwarian cultural appropriation!! Just kidding, of course – this is a great blog, so many of the locations you’ve posted about are things I didn’t know about, at all. I ended up with a go-see-this-summer-break list thanks to you :) Keep up the good work!

Thanks and same here, haha. I learn as I go with the posts here, too. When I started this blog years ago, someone commented they wouldn‘t know what to post about in Germany. Well… I think a lot of people think very regionally and rather travel abroad than within the country – I felt the same way for the longest time, but there definitely is a lot to see and do in Germany as well and I think the trend has been moving towards increased inland travel, too.

Hey, just wanted to pop in to say that I always enjoy seeing your blog posts come up! Your content makes me happy! I also was just curious, you’ve said English is your second language (German the first, of course), but do you speak/are you learning any other languages? Regardless, if you could instantly know any language in existence, which would you choose? (I’d choose one of the signing languages, I think!)

Hi there, thanks and glad you enjoy the content. 🙂 I speak 3 languages properly, 1 or 2 halfway or less and if I could magically know another, it would choose Mandarin Chinese for business and Arabic for business and travel.