berlin is the most populous city in germany no…

berlin is the most populous city in germany not second

Who said it was second?

Berlin with a population of 3,748,148 in 2018 was the largest city in Germany and the 2nd-largest in the European Union after London/UK, which technically is out now.

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The Bode Museum in Berlin is one of a group of museums on the Museum Island. It was designed by Ernst von Ihne and completed in 1904. Originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum after Emperor Frederick III, it was renamed for its first curator in 1956. True to the ethos of its founding director, Wilhelm von Bode, who believed in mixing art collections, it is now home to sculptures, Byzantine art, coins and medals. The presentation is both geographic and chronological, with the Byzantine and Gothic art of northern and southern Europe displayed separately on the first floor and a similar regional division of Renaissance and Baroque art on its second floor.

The sculpture collection shows art of the Christian Orient with an emphasis on Coptic Egypt, sculptures from Byzantium, Ravenna, of the Middle Ages, the Italian Gothic, and the early Renaissance. Late German Gothic works are represented by Tilman Riemenschneider, the south German Renaissance, and Prussian Baroque art up to the 18th century.

The Münzkabinett of coins is one of the world’s largest numismatic collections. Its range spans from the beginning of minting in the 7th century BC in Asia Minor up to the present day. With about 500,000 items, it is a unique archive for historical research, while its medal collection makes it an important art exhibition.

Incomplete but long list of some of the most important museums in Germany by federal state here:


Berlin unter den Alleierten, 1945-1949

Doku auf Deutsch, 1 hour 30 mins on the hard life in post-WW2 Berlin under allied forces and how people survived and rebuilt the city. Scenes that took place in one form or another all over the country.


And One is a German new wave, synthpop, and EBM band founded by Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz in 1989. The band formed after the 2 met at a Berlin club. Being fans of early EBM music, they decided to follow in the footsteps of new wave/synthpop band Depeche Mode by using 2 keyboards and a beatbox. Albums: 1991: Anguish — 1992: Flop! — 1993: Spot — 1994: I.S.T. — 1997: Nordhausen — 1998: 9.9.99 9 Uhr — 2000: Virgin Superstar — 2003: Aggressor — 2006: Bodypop — 2010: Zerstörer — 2011: Tanzomat — 2012: S.T.O.P. — 2014: Magnet — 2014: Propeller — 2014: Achtung 80


So I keep telling people from abroad that few people in Germany actually care about Rammstein, that they are more popular internationally (with students of German) than in their own country. They do have fans in Germany, of course, and concerts sell out, but they are really not that relevant.