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You put on your very best begging face and still get nothing.

Now I’m offended. 😾

Da setzt man sein aller bestes Bettel Gesicht auf und bekommt trotzdem nichts ab.

Jetzt bin ich erst mal beleidigt. 😾
(hier: Fladderlohausen, Niedersachsen, Germany)


„Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps.“

— German Saying, which literally means „Work is work and liquor is liqour“. Even if we are doing work that we enjoy, it isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just work that needs to get done so the typical German attitude is, accept it, put your head down and get through it, so you can relax after. It’s also a reminder to schedule periods of recovery. Just don’t overdo it with the Schnaps to avoid hangovers. 😀



BIRKENSTOCK Sandals — yay or nay?

50 minute docu on the not very pretty but functional and good-for-feet orthopedic Birkenstock sandals, which came out of West Germany in the 1960‘s.

The brand traces its roots to Johann Adam Birkenstock, registered in 1774 as a “vassal and shoemaker” in the small Hessian village of Langen-Bergheim. In 1896, Johann’s great-great-grandson Konrad Birkenstock developed the first contoured insole for use by shoemakers in the production of custom footwear. Also in the year 1896 Karl opened two shoe stores in Frankfurt, where he continued to make and sell his insoles. 1902 saw the development of the first flexible arch-support for insertion into factory-made shoes; and in 1964, Karl Birkenstock developed these inserts into a shoe — thus producing the original prototype of the Birkenstock sandal. In 1925 Konrad Birkenstock expanded the company by buying a large factory in Friedberg, Hessen. After World War II (1939–1945) the Birkenstock sandal was popular among returning soldiers because of the orthopedic support. Starting in 1963 and continuing into 1964 Karl Birkenstock released his first athletic sandal with a flexible footbed called Madrid. It soon became popular, especially among gymnasts.

The footbed of the Birkenstock shoe was created in the 1930s and possesses four different layers that complete the shoes. The first layer of the shoe is the shock absorbent sole, followed by two layers of jute fibers, and a firm corked footbed. The last layer is the footbed line which is a soft suede.



Mit Fremden Blick

40 minute docu auf Deutsch, people from different countries like Uganda, Romania, France, Venezuela, and the USA talk about their life as students in a small town near Magdeburg, Eastern Germany.


Favorite German Words

Die Katzenwäsche = literally „cat wash“. A funny expression for a quick way of cleaning yourself when in a hurry to replace the usual lenghty bathing rituals. May be done in situations when you overslept and have to run or while camping or travelling — any situation where time or circumstance don‘t allow for your usual bathing rituals. Cats generally do not like water so „wash“ in quicker other ways. 🙂