Die Hochzeit meiner Schwester (2014)

Familienkomödie set in München (Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany), auf Deutsch, 1. hour 30 mins.


Berlin unter den Alleierten, 1945-1949

Doku auf Deutsch, 1 hour 30 mins on the hard life in post-WW2 Berlin under allied forces and how people survived and rebuilt the city. Scenes that took place in one form or another all over the country.


Favorite German Words

Die Götterspeise = literally, the dish of the gods. Food of the gods in mythology.

In culinary context, it‘s a popular dessert that is like English jelly or American jello, usually in the flavors of either Waldmeister (woodruff, green), Himbeere (raspberry, red), Kirsche (cherry, red) or Zitrone (lemon, yellow). Another word for the dessert is der Wackelpudding = literally, jiggle or wiggle pudding. 🙂 Popular with kids.

Russisch Brot by famous Hannover cookie manufa…

Russisch Brot by famous Hannover cookie manufacturer BAHLSEN are what one might call cocoa caramelized sugar alphabet cookies. They‘re very light and crispy and sweet and may be an acquired taste. Like most BAHLSEN cookies, they are exported to many countries. Check your local German supermarket or Amazon to try them. Amazon USA seems to have them.

Doktorspiele (2014) 1 hour 35 min, teen comed…

Doktorspiele (2014)

1 hour 35 min, teen comedy, auf Deutsch, filmed in Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Central Germany.

„This teenage rom-com, erm, “coming of age movie” (sounds better) is squarely aimed at a teenage market. Drop-dead gorgeous young actors are pretending to be experiencing the same romantic woes of spotty little butterballs like you and me. The boys’ chests are shredded and waxed, the chicks are waifish and perfectly groomed. It may not be how I remember my highschool daze, but it’s certainly a lot nicer to look at. The story is simplistic (boy is after chick a, then realizes that he’s always been in love with chick b) but it’s well acted and has tolerable dialogues. I especially liked how the music fuses in perfectly, and how the movie manages to weave in a few modern elements along the way, e. g. one of the characters has to negotiate the sex he sees in internet porn with making love to a real girl.“ (IMDB review by Karl Self)