„Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps.“

— German Saying, which literally means „Work is work and liquor is liqour“. Even if we are doing work that we enjoy, it isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just work that needs to get done so the typical German attitude is, accept it, put your head down and get through it, so you can relax after. It’s also a reminder to schedule periods of recovery. Just don’t overdo it with the Schnaps to avoid hangovers. 😀


Der Duft von Holunder (2011)

1 hour 23 mins, auf Deutsch. Romance, set around Hamburg, Northern Germany.

„Former manager of the year Tom Sommer left the rat race to move back into his sleepy home town and run the local grocery, also specializing in marmalade. The death of a widow crone brings home after years her daughter, surgeon Agnes Moller, who plans to sell the property hastily, and her single daughter, food critic Sofie Möller, just dumped as career bitch by her boyfriend, who gets a warm welcome from youth friend Tom. They start a frolicking affair, but her assuming all villagers are backward losers, even Tom whom she expects to jump at a poorly paid repair job, gets even to him. Meanwhile clearing the house and the mystery of the choice of a double grave instead of that next to Sophie’s grandfather sets her on the trail of her supposedly ever-absent father.“


Woran dein Herz hängt (2009)

Romantic Comedy, 1 hr 28 mins, auf Deutsch, set in Hamburg, Northern Germany.

Single mother Sandra Lindt lives with her son Dennis in a Hamburg Altbau apartment. A company plans to buy and change the area. They employ the lawyer Siegfried Hübner to banish the residents. But Sandra doesn’t want to move, because she has a problem: She is a messy person. The apartment looks like a maze of junk…