Hi, hey um, could you give me an insight of wh…

Hi, hey um, could you give me an insight of what germans in general think of mexicans or latinos? i went to Germany 2 years ago with a bunch of people from my uni and we would use english to communicate with some people and they will treat us kinda rudely, but as soon as they heard us speaking in spanish between us, they would turn completely nice towards us (except in Berlin, they were rude nonetheless). I also know a lot of latinas married to german men. So i guess they are fine with us?

There is no „they“. As in any country on the face of the Earth, people living within that country are individuals and thus, will react to you and anybody else in individual ways.

Being German, I would say that, other than in, say, the USA, most Germans have no specific preconceived notions about „Latinos“ or Mexicans as such because, statistically, there simply aren‘t that many in Germany. It’s a tiny number, as compared to other foreign visitors or immigrants. People in Berlin are like New Yorkers in the USA — they are brash and can be „rude“ to anyone, including each other, so this has little to do with nationality. If you arrived with an English-speaking group, people probably assumed you were US-American by mere logic. By former communist Easterners in Berlin, this may not be conceived as their favorite nationality, while „Latin“ countries like Cuba or Chile may be viewed more positively, especially by former DDR people of the older generation who actually lived in communism.

Finally, let me say that your Latino-American (?) view of what constitutes as „rude“ may vary greatly from the German/European one. Generally speaking, Germans are far more reserved than Latinos, so if they don‘t kiss and hug you upon first meeting, do not be alarmed. It doesn’t mean that everybody hates you. ;D