Biedenkopf is a spa town in Hessen, Central Germany, near Marburg. Ringed by mountains, it is located on the upper reaches of the river Lahn.

Every 7 years, the town holds the „Grenzgang“ in which people walk around the borders of the town’s forest. The Kartoffelbraten – or popularly the Brott – is a local culinary custom which has grown out of the autumn potato harvest. In many places in the forest, traditionally in early autumn, the tasty tuber is cooked in the glow of a heap of charcoal made from freshly felled beechwood. The unpeeled potato tastes best with butter, salt, liverwurst, and salad. For the Biedenkopfer Kartoffelbraten, 3 kinds of salad are traditionally served: radish salad, onion salad and herring salad.