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Regional German Food: Die Nürnberger Rostbratwurst is a small sausage from Frankens (Franconia’s) largest city, Nürnberg. It was first documented in 1567 and is now a Protected Geographical Indications under EU law. Pork-based and seasoned with fresh marjoram, they are traditionally grilled over a beechwood fire. As a main dish, 3 to 6 of them are served on a plate with either sauerkraut or potato salad, and accompanied by horseradish or mustard. They are also sold as a snack by street vendors as Drei im Weckla (3 in a bread roll with mustard). Another way is cooking them is in a spiced vinegar and onion stock; this is call. Blaue Zipfel.

Diese Frage soll nicht herablassend sein, aber…

Diese Frage soll nicht herablassend sein, aber wie können die Deutschen soviel Fleisch und Käse essen ohne häufig Sodbrennen oder sogar bösen Bedingungen zu werden? Ist zB Diabetes eine gewöhnliche Krankheit in DL?

Ich antworte mal auf Englisch, weil ich zu faul bin, das alles zu übersetzen.

Type 2 Diabetes risk is about carbohydrates and/or sugars more than it is about fat content in meats and cheeses.

Current statistics by the International Diabetes Federation show that about 8.3% of the general population (20–79 years old) of Germany are suffering from diabetes, this also includes immigrants, obviously. On a worldwide scale, this places us in spot #73 for diabetes, which is relatively low.

Just to compare, Saudi Arabia is #7, Malaysia #12, Sudan #17, Mexico #24, Turkey #31, USA #43, India #48, Portugal #55, France who eats even more cheese is #155, etc.(More: