We are headed to Hamburg for a few days this s…

We are headed to Hamburg for a few days this summer. We have a pretty good plan on what we want to see there, but my question is this: What are THE places to go for food? Is there a place all the locals go to because it is just so yummy? Any food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, anything! 🙂

Hi there, good choice. It’s a cool city with lots to do, hope you’ll have a good time. 😀

This site has a lot of good insider tips on Hamburg and the best spots to vigsit:


Regarding food, depends what you like but if you like seafood at all, definitely don‘t miss trying local fish dishes, from proper restaurant plates to humble Fischbrötchen and Nordseekrabben. Tripadvisor has lots of info and reviews from real people.


If anyone local wants to reveal any restaurant / pub / bar secrets, leave a comment. 😉