Hast du Hunger? 🙂

Regional German Food: Die Nürnberger Rostbratwurst is a small sausage from Frankens (Franconia’s) largest city, Nürnberg. It was first documented in 1567 and is now a Protected Geographical Indications under EU law. Pork-based and seasoned with fresh marjoram, they are traditionally grilled over a beechwood fire. As a main dish, 3 to 6 of them are served on a plate with either sauerkraut or potato salad, and accompanied by horseradish or mustard. They are also sold as a snack by street vendors as Drei im Weckla (3 in a bread roll with mustard). Another way is cooking them is in a spiced vinegar and onion stock; this is call. Blaue Zipfel.

Nürnberg in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, is located on…

Nürnberg in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, is located on the river Pegnitz and on the Rhein-Main–Donau Canal in Franken (Franconia), 170 km from München. It’s the 2nd-largest city in Bavaria, pop.: ~520,000, making it Germany’s 14-largest city. The urban area also includes Fürth, Erlangen, and Schwabach, with a total population of 763,854. By 2016, the “European Metropolitan Area Nürnberg” had ~3.5 million inhabitants.