Löwenbräu („lion’s brew“) is a brewery in München, Southern…

Löwenbräu („lion’s brew“) is a brewery in München, Southern Germany. Most of its beers are marketed as being brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the beer purity law of 1516. The brewery was founded around 1383. Its lion emblem originates from a 17th-century fresco in the brewing house, depicting Daniel in the lions’ den. Löwenbräu has been served at every Oktoberfest in Munich since 1810. Because only beers that are brewed in Munich are permitted to be sold at Oktoberfest, Löwenbräu is 1 of 6 breweries represented, along with Augustinerbräu, Hofbräuhaus, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Spaten.

What/how do Germans/northern Germans think/feel about dirndl dresses and lederhosen?

Lederhosen and Dirndl are Bavarian. Bavaria (actually called Bayern) is 1 of 16 German states. No one outside of Bavaria (and maybe parts of Swabia) actually wears these things in Germany so it’s not just the north that doesn’t. For some reason abroad, all they ever see about Germany is the Alpine/Bavarian stuff, which would be like saying all of USA wears jeans, boots and cowboy hats and listens to twangy country music like Texans do (like oompah music in Bavaria). It’s basically absurd, lol. It’s also one of the many reasons I started this blog. In more recent times, it has become “fashionable” for women to wear Dirndls visiting Oktoberfest in Munich or elsewhere (fun fact: pretty much any German city has a local Oktoberfest or Kirmes around the same time, it’s just that the Munich one is the most famous one).

Here’s something on the history of those clothes from Wiki: “Lederhosen were once widespread among men of the Alpine and surrounding regions, including Bavaria, Austria, the Allgäu, Switzerland, and the autonomous Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol (formerly part of Austria until after World War I). But they were not usually worn in southwestern Germany or Switzerland. Lederhosen are a characteristic of Tyrol, an area in western Austria, and the autonomous region of Northern Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol formerly part of Austria).

La Couturière Parisienne, however, claims that lederhosen were originally not exclusively a Bavarian garment but were worn all over Europe, especially by riders, hunters, and other people involved in outdoor activities. The flap (drop front) may have been a unique Bavarian invention. The drop-front style became so popular in the 18th century that it was known in France as à la bavaroise, “in the Bavarian style.” One attempt at modernizing lederhosen — “double zipper” lederhosen were once sold as workout wear in Europe during the 1970s.

The popularity of lederhosen in Bavaria dropped sharply in the 19th century. They began to be considered as uncultured peasants’ clothing that was not fitting for modern city-dwellers. However, in the 1880s a resurgence set in, and several clubs were founded in Munich and other large cities devoted to preserving traditional rural clothing styles. The conception of lederhosen as a quintessentially Bavarian garment that is worn at festive occasions rather than at work, dates largely from this time.

Lederhosen have remained regionally popular and are popularly associated with virility and brawn. Some men wear them when gardening, hiking, working outdoors, or attending folk festivals or beer gardens. They are a symbol of regional pride in Bavaria and the other areas where they are worn, but are rarely seen elsewhere. The role of lederhosen in Bavaria is thus comparable to that of the kilt in Scotland and the cowboy hat in the United States.“

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Going retro and kick’n ass!
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