„Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps.“

— German Saying, which literally means „Work is work and liquor is liqour“. Even if we are doing work that we enjoy, it isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just work that needs to get done so the typical German attitude is, accept it, put your head down and get through it, so you can relax after. It’s also a reminder to schedule periods of recovery. Just don’t overdo it with the Schnaps to avoid hangovers. 😀


Favorite German Words

Die Aufbruchsstimmung = literally „departure mood“. This can be twofold — the mood of departure before travel where it‘s something between antsy, giddy, and nervous and everyone is milling about, just wanting to get on the trip already. Or the atmosphere right before a family gathering or a party ends and breaks up and people start leaving one after the other so it‘s no longer relaxed or fun to be there.

In a more figurative, poetic or more general „big picture“ kind of way, it can also be the spirit of optimism. An atmosphere of happy anticipation before moving on from a specific period, era, or event. Like after a war or after selling a house, a breakup, a death, some big life event one is recovering from and trying to move on from, while beginning to be more optimistic.

Feiern zur Fussball-WM — Wann gibt es die rote…

Feiern zur Fussball-WM — Wann gibt es die rote Karte?

Marktcheck auf Deutsch, 12 mins, on parties and soccer fan behavior during the World Cup and big games in Germany.