Diese Frage soll nicht herablassend sein, aber…

Diese Frage soll nicht herablassend sein, aber wie können die Deutschen soviel Fleisch und Käse essen ohne häufig Sodbrennen oder sogar bösen Bedingungen zu werden? Ist zB Diabetes eine gewöhnliche Krankheit in DL?

Ich antworte mal auf Englisch, weil ich zu faul bin, das alles zu übersetzen.

Type 2 Diabetes risk is about carbohydrates and/or sugars more than it is about fat content in meats and cheeses.

Current statistics by the International Diabetes Federation show that about 8.3% of the general population (20–79 years old) of Germany are suffering from diabetes, this also includes immigrants, obviously. On a worldwide scale, this places us in spot #73 for diabetes, which is relatively low.

Just to compare, Saudi Arabia is #7, Malaysia #12, Sudan #17, Mexico #24, Turkey #31, USA #43, India #48, Portugal #55, France who eats even more cheese is #155, etc.(More: https://www.indexmundi.com/facts/indicators/SH.STA.DIAB.ZS/rankings)

Mal eine Frage: Wie wirde es mit den Ost- und …

Mal eine Frage: Wie wirde es mit den Ost- und Nord-Friesischen Inseln aussehen, wenn sich die Meeresspiegel hebt?

Sehr gute Frage, aber eine feststehende Antwort habe ich natürlich keine. Kleine Inselchen wie die Halligen würden als erstes geschluckt, und wie man nach Sturmfluten auch in neuerer Zeit schon sehen konnte, hat sich die Küste bzw. einige der Inseln schon verändert, auch Sylt wird an einem Ende immer kürzer, etc. Ich glaube nicht, dass wir in unserem Leben noch signifikante Veränderungen der Art beobachten werden, in der sich die gesamte Küstenlinie ändert, aber über einen längeren Zeitraum mit Klimawandel ist das praktisch vorprogrammiert. Wirklich interessantes Thema.

Here‘s a random article on the topic, in English.


Is wearing a Dirndl while being a Pole is okay…

Is wearing a Dirndl while being a Pole is okay? I love Dirndls and Bavarian culture but I am not sure if it's okay

Sure, it‘s fine. Thousands of people from other countries and other German regions like to wear Bavarian Dirndls at Oktoberfest, for instance, for the local vibe, and I don‘t see anything wrong with it. In fact, I think it’s cute when people embrace local culture, especially with people who clearly look like they are from a whole other continent. 🙂 .

I‘ve said it before — the concept of evil „cultural appropriation“ that keeps popping up here from US-American Tumblers is a joke to me and completely twisted logic. Especially since the USA as an entire country consists of immigrants from all over, and, thus, has been „appropriating“ the cultures of all those countries from the time of its inception… 😉

If you like another culture, embrace it. It‘s a positive thing. ❤️

What is the state of Rheinland Pfalz like? Is …

What is the state of Rheinland Pfalz like? Is it cheap to live there? Are there a lot of Muslims/refugees? Is it a safe place to be? Thanks! 🙂

Rheinland-Pfalz in Southwestern Germany has a lot of villages, smalltowns, countryside, farmland with vineyards, and rural areas. With about 4 million people, it‘s Germany‘s 7th-most populous state out of 12. Mainz with about 200,000 people is the capital and largest city, other cities include Ludwigshafen, , Koblenz, Trier, Kaiserslautern, and Worms. Around it are 4 German states — it also borders France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Significant foreign resident populations (as per Jan 2018, highest to lowest number) included people from Turkey, Poland, Syria, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Croatia, Russia, and the Kosovo.

41% of the population are officially Roman Catholic, 28% are officially Lutheran/Protestant, 31% of the population claims they are not religious, As in most of Germany, under 3% of the population is Muslim.

As most of Germany, it‘s a „safe“ place to be, especially compared to many other countries. The unemployment rate was 4% in late 2018, lower than the German average. „Cheap“ is a relative term, but yes, depending on exact location, cost of housing etc. would probably be lower than in larger cities.

Get ready to drink good wine, eat Saumagen und listen to Donald Trump and Helmut Kohl jokes. 😀 Trumps ancestors came from Kallstadt here and Helmut Kohl (former German Chancellor) liked to serve international guests Saumagen (pig’s stomach), a local specialty not everyone might consider a desirable food to eat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saumagen

Click the Rheinland Pfalz link below for pictures from this state.

We are headed to Hamburg for a few days this s…

We are headed to Hamburg for a few days this summer. We have a pretty good plan on what we want to see there, but my question is this: What are THE places to go for food? Is there a place all the locals go to because it is just so yummy? Any food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, anything! 🙂

Hi there, good choice. It’s a cool city with lots to do, hope you’ll have a good time. 😀

This site has a lot of good insider tips on Hamburg and the best spots to vigsit:


Regarding food, depends what you like but if you like seafood at all, definitely don‘t miss trying local fish dishes, from proper restaurant plates to humble Fischbrötchen and Nordseekrabben. Tripadvisor has lots of info and reviews from real people.


If anyone local wants to reveal any restaurant / pub / bar secrets, leave a comment. 😉

Is Konstanz on the table to visit? Given that …

Is Konstanz on the table to visit? Given that it was essentially untouched by the war, I would love to see all the older medieval buildings that are still standing.

Yes, definitely. Konstanz is beautiful, as is the area around the Bodensee (Lake Cobstance).

The lake borders Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, its shorelines lie in the German states of Bayern (Bavaria) and Baden-Württemberg, the Swiss cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau, and Schaffhausen, and the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. The mighty Rhein river flows into the lake from the south, with its original course forming the Austro-Swiss border. It‘s also one of the warmest areas of Germany on average.

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Ich bin zu faul zu recherchieren, würde a…

Ich bin zu faul zu recherchieren, würde aber gerne aber einen Datenbank auf Bundesländer sortiert über Schlösse, Bürge, Klöster, Abteien, historische und kunksthistorische Denkmäler doll wilkommenheissen. 🙂 Hast du einen Tipp?

Haha, was ist, wenn ich auch zu faul bin, das zu gogglen?

Kannst ja mal hier anfangen:



Ansonsten google mal „Burgen und Schlösser“ für jedes Bundesland einzeln, ich sehe da eine Menge Listen. Viel Spaß beim anschauen. .)