Grenzgang (Border Walk, 2013)

Based on a novel by Stephan Thome, filmed in Biedenkopf, Hessen, Central Germany, auf Deutsch, 1 hour 30 mins.

Thomas (Lars Eidinger) returns from the university back to his small Hessian village. where the „Grenzgang" is just being celebrated, a festival at which he first met Kerstin (Claudia Michelsen). Years later, they meet again – two disillusioned souls, searching for something.

Favorite German WordsDer Lückenbüßer (masc.) / Die Lückenbüßerin (fem.) = the stopgap, the…

Favorite German Words

Der Lückenbüßer (masc.) / Die Lückenbüßerin (fem.) = the stopgap, the makeweight, the fill-in, the in-between. A person who is being used for the „time between“ 2 things, as a temporary fill-in.

Mostly applies to work situations or in human relationships, without the person realizing it. It‘s your friend who is being played and you see it but they don‘t.

Or that guy at work who‘s just being used as a temporary fill-in until the company can find someone else for the position — without him realizing it.