Neuss in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany, is located on the west bank of the Rhein river opposing Düsseldorf. It is known for its historic Roman sites, as well as the annual Neusser Bürger-Schützenfest, a fun fair. Neuss and Trier share the title of “Germany’s oldest city” – in 1984, Neuss celebrated its 2000 year anniversary since its founding in 16 BCE.

It was founded by the Romans in 16 BC as a military fortification. Legio XVI Gallica (“Gallic 16th Legion”) of the Roman army was stationed here in 43-70 AD. It was disbanded after surrendering during the Batavian rebellion. Later a civil settlement was founded in the area of today’s town center during the 1st century AD.


11-minute video on the city of Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany, in English.

Bensheim is a town in the Bergstraße district …

Bensheim is a town in the Bergstraße district of Hessen, Central Germany. It lies at the edge of the Odenwald mountains and has an open view over the Rhein plain. Similar to other places along the Bergstraße, it is known for its particularly mild and sunny climate with roughly 2,000 sunshine hours per year and Germany’s earliest onset of spring. Under the Odenwald’s protection, subtropical figs, kiwifruit, almonds, and peaches thrive here, giving the Bergstraße its nickname of the „Germany’s Riviera”. Bensheim has grown out of a village that had its first documentary mention in the 8th century. In the 14th century, it was granted town rights. In 1945, much of the Old Town was destroyed by incendiary bombs, but has since been rebuilt.

Das Schloss Moyland is a moated castle in Bedb…

Das Schloss Moyland is a moated castle in Bedburg-Hau in the district of Kleve, one of the most important neo-Gothic buildings in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Its name derives from the Dutch word Mooiland („beautiful country"), which was probably coined by the Dutch workers the former owner Jacob van den Eger had brought in to drain the surrounding wetlands. The building is now primarily a museum devoted to exhibiting the world’s largest collection of work by artist Joseph Beuys. It’s a popular destination on the Lower Rhein.