Grenzgang (Border Walk, 2013)

Based on a novel by Stephan Thome, filmed in Biedenkopf, Hessen, Central Germany, auf Deutsch, 1 hour 30 mins.

Thomas (Lars Eidinger) returns from the university back to his small Hessian village. where the „Grenzgang" is just being celebrated, a festival at which he first met Kerstin (Claudia Michelsen). Years later, they meet again – two disillusioned souls, searching for something.

In a German pub — Easy German episode 123 Eas…

In a German pub — Easy German episode 123

Easy German host Cari visits a pub = Kneipe in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Northwestern Germany, showing a piece of German Kneipenkultur.

Doktorspiele (2014) 1 hour 35 min, teen comed…

Doktorspiele (2014)

1 hour 35 min, teen comedy, auf Deutsch, filmed in Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Central Germany.

„This teenage rom-com, erm, “coming of age movie” (sounds better) is squarely aimed at a teenage market. Drop-dead gorgeous young actors are pretending to be experiencing the same romantic woes of spotty little butterballs like you and me. The boys’ chests are shredded and waxed, the chicks are waifish and perfectly groomed. It may not be how I remember my highschool daze, but it’s certainly a lot nicer to look at. The story is simplistic (boy is after chick a, then realizes that he’s always been in love with chick b) but it’s well acted and has tolerable dialogues. I especially liked how the music fuses in perfectly, and how the movie manages to weave in a few modern elements along the way, e. g. one of the characters has to negotiate the sex he sees in internet porn with making love to a real girl.“ (IMDB review by Karl Self)

Momo (1986) In German with English subtitles…

Momo (1986)

In German with English subtitles. 1 hour 40 minutes. Momo is a 1986 children’s/fantasy film directed by German film maker Johannes Schaaf and based on the classic 1973 novel „Momo“ by the famous German writer Michael Ende. It is about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern societies.

Synopsis: In the ruins of an amphitheatre just outside an unnamed Italian city lives Momo, a little girl of mysterious origin. She is remarkable in the neighbourhood as she has the extraordinary ability to listen — really listen. By simply being with people and listening to them, she can help them find answers to their problems, make up with each other, and think of fun games. This pleasant atmosphere is spoiled by the arrival of the Men in Grey. These strange individuals represent the Timesavings Bank and promote the idea of timesaving among the population, time which can be deposited to the Bank and returned to the client later with interest. In reality, the more time people save, the less they have. The time they save is actually lost to them, consumed by the Men in Grey. Momo, however, is a wrench in the plans of the Timesaving Bank thanks to her special personality.

The film is a German/Italian co-production in which author Michael Ende himself played the role of the passenger in the train (who is told the story by Master Hora and writes it down). It seems that Ende, unhappy with how the previous film based on his „Die Unendliche Geschichte“ (The Neverending Story) did not follow the spirit of the book faithfully enough, requested that he was involved more directly in filming „Momo“.