Der Duft von Holunder (2011)

1 hour 23 mins, auf Deutsch. Romance, set around Hamburg, Northern Germany.

„Former manager of the year Tom Sommer left the rat race to move back into his sleepy home town and run the local grocery, also specializing in marmalade. The death of a widow crone brings home after years her daughter, surgeon Agnes Moller, who plans to sell the property hastily, and her single daughter, food critic Sofie Möller, just dumped as career bitch by her boyfriend, who gets a warm welcome from youth friend Tom. They start a frolicking affair, but her assuming all villagers are backward losers, even Tom whom she expects to jump at a poorly paid repair job, gets even to him. Meanwhile clearing the house and the mystery of the choice of a double grave instead of that next to Sophie’s grandfather sets her on the trail of her supposedly ever-absent father.“


Keine Ehe ohne Pause (2016)

Comedy, auf Deutsch, 1 hour 27 mins, set in Berlin and Rostock.

Max ist bei Millionen Frauen beliebt, die ihn nicht einmal kennen. Denn unter dem Pseudonym Jana van Hausten ist er der Bestsellerautor für romantische Liebesromane. Das neueste Werk wird schon sehnsüchtig erwartet, denn es ist die Jubiläumsausgabe. Doch ausgerechnet jetzt stürzt Max in eine Krise. Während sein Verleger den nächsten Bestseller nicht erwarten kann, entschließt sich seine Frau, die Ehe ein Jahr pausieren zu lassen. Die Jura-Professorin zieht es von Berlin nach Rostock an die Universität – ausgerechnet in die Stadt, in der ihre alte Jugendliebe lebt. Die Ehekrise kommt mit einer Schaffenskrise. Max bringt nichts mehr aufs Blatt. Kurzerhand reist er seiner Frau, die auf dem ländlichen Gasthof ihrer Mutter untergekommen ist, hinterher. Da diese wenig von ihrem Schwiegersohn hält, verweigert sie ihm ein Zimmer, und er campt kurzerhand vor dem Hof und fängt an, seine Frau zu umwerben…


Die Hochzeit meiner Schwester (2014)

Familienkomödie set in München (Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany), auf Deutsch, 1. hour 30 mins.


Traumprinz in Farbe (2003)

Pretty blond Clara Arnold works for a newspaper in picturesque Lüneburg, just outside Hamburg in northern Germany. Being single, she firmly believes that some day she will meet the man of her dreams. She shares her flat with her rather chaotic sister Meike, chronically broke, who is trying to fix her up with Leonard, a good-looking, successful young man, who has been pursuing her for quite some time. But then Clara picks up the wrong pictures at the photo shop and falls head over heels in love with the handsome stranger on the pictures. It is Ben Ivaldi, a furniture designer – but it takes Clara some time and several approaches to get to know him. Further complications arise when her boss, a rather unpleasant lady from the big city, also falls for Ben, and Ben’s former girlfriend Lena, who dumped him for a job in Italy, returns to claim him back.

Another movie for the students of German in the group. Light and fluffy, not too complicated, set in Lüneburg, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany, 1 hour 30 mins, auf Deutsch.

Manche mögens glücklich (2012) Romantic comed…

Manche mögens glücklich (2012)

Romantic comedy, auf Deutsch, 1 hr 15 mins, set in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany

Lina has an unusual job: As an account manager for an agency in Freiburg, it’s her job to help make it as smooth and easy as possible for newcomers to start life in the new city. But the gruff heart surgeon and widower Prof. Dr. Markus Gärtner does not make it easy. With his rugged nature, the renowned physician makes her feel that her efforts are unwanted and rather annoying. But then he also depends on her: In order to win the wealthy Mr. Hofmeister‘s approval and donation for the new heart research center, Lina, through a previous misunderstanding, must spend a weekend away with the investor as Markus’ wife – a role-playing game with consequences.