Am Pferdemarkt in Grabow

Grabow is a town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Northeastern Germany, situated on the river Elde, 7 km from Ludwigslust, and 34 km from Wittenberge. The name is of Slavic Polabian origin. Pope Urban III. mentions castle Grabow for the first time in a letter from 1186. The city received city law in 1252. In 1725, it was destroyed by a great fire. The local palace was never rebuilt. The historical center is distinguished by its close core of timber-framed houses.

Otto Plath, the father of writer and poet Sylvia Plath, emigrated from Grabow to the USA. The painter Wilhelm Langschmidt was born in Grabow and settled in the Elgin valley in South Africa. The town which grew around his trading store there still bears the name Grabouw, after his hometown.

Is wearing a Dirndl while being a Pole is okay…

Is wearing a Dirndl while being a Pole is okay? I love Dirndls and Bavarian culture but I am not sure if it's okay

Sure, it‘s fine. Thousands of people from other countries and other German regions like to wear Bavarian Dirndls at Oktoberfest, for instance, for the local vibe, and I don‘t see anything wrong with it. In fact, I think it’s cute when people embrace local culture, especially with people who clearly look like they are from a whole other continent. 🙂 .

I‘ve said it before — the concept of evil „cultural appropriation“ that keeps popping up here from US-American Tumblers is a joke to me and completely twisted logic. Especially since the USA as an entire country consists of immigrants from all over, and, thus, has been „appropriating“ the cultures of all those countries from the time of its inception… 😉

If you like another culture, embrace it. It‘s a positive thing. ❤️