„Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps.“

— German Saying, which literally means „Work is work and liquor is liqour“. Even if we are doing work that we enjoy, it isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just work that needs to get done so the typical German attitude is, accept it, put your head down and get through it, so you can relax after. It’s also a reminder to schedule periods of recovery. Just don’t overdo it with the Schnaps to avoid hangovers. 😀

Hi! What do you think is the best city of Germ…

Hi! What do you think is the best city of Germany for foreigns who wanna find good works with Working Holiday Visa? I'm thinking about Stuttgart, but I don't know, I need some advices 😀 thank youuu! 😀

Hi there, good question. It would depend on several factors including what kind of „vibe“ you prefer — Germany is a small country but local atmosphere varies wildly between the different regions. Also language skills. The obvious choices (even without speaking good German) would be the largest cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt… but anywhere could work, including Stuttgart. Generally speaking, the larger the place, the more foreigners with and without language skills will already be there, so if you are looking to get by on English, you probably can, while if you plan on perfecting your German, a smaller place with total immersion in local culture might be the best bet.

Ultimately, you wil have to go where the jobs are.

If anybody reading this has been part of the programs and has some practical tips, feel free to chime in.

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