Is there life beyond Earth? Easy German episod…

Is there life beyond Earth? Easy German episode 254

Another one for the students of German on this blog: Easy German‘s Polish guy Janusz asks people in Berlin if they think there may be other life in the universe.

Doktorspiele (2014) 1 hour 35 min, teen comed…

Doktorspiele (2014)

1 hour 35 min, teen comedy, auf Deutsch, filmed in Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Central Germany.

„This teenage rom-com, erm, “coming of age movie” (sounds better) is squarely aimed at a teenage market. Drop-dead gorgeous young actors are pretending to be experiencing the same romantic woes of spotty little butterballs like you and me. The boys’ chests are shredded and waxed, the chicks are waifish and perfectly groomed. It may not be how I remember my highschool daze, but it’s certainly a lot nicer to look at. The story is simplistic (boy is after chick a, then realizes that he’s always been in love with chick b) but it’s well acted and has tolerable dialogues. I especially liked how the music fuses in perfectly, and how the movie manages to weave in a few modern elements along the way, e. g. one of the characters has to negotiate the sex he sees in internet porn with making love to a real girl.“ (IMDB review by Karl Self)

Der Goldene Reiter by Joachim Witt Neue Deuts…

Der Goldene Reiter by Joachim Witt

Neue Deutsche Welle classic hit from 1980. Joachim Witt originally was the guitarist/singer of the 70s Krautrock band Duesenberg. He released 3 albums with them: Duesenberg (1977), Duesenberg 2 (1978), and Strangers (1979), before embarking on a solo career as a singer and actor. He went on to become a major star of the 80s German pop scene with huge hits such as the above. He was one of the biggest names of the “Neue Deutsche Welle” (New German Wave), of which performers like Nena and Falco were also a part.

He made a comeback in the 90s when he scored a hit with “Die Flut”, a duet with Peter Heppner, the singer of the popular German synthpop band Wolfsheim. Witt’s album “Bayreuth 1” (1998) scored platinum in Germany and Austria. “Bayreuth 2” followed 2 years later. He has collaborated with artists such as Apocalyptica, Oomph!, Angelzoom, Tilo Wolff of Lacrimosa, and Purwien. In 2000, Journey of Life, released by X-Perience, featured a duet with Witt called “The Meaning Of Life.” Witt also contributed the song “Vandemar” to the 2006 album Where’s Neil When You Need Him?, a compilation of songs based on the works of author Neil Gaiman. “Vandemar” is based on a character from Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere. Albums:

Silberblick (1980) — Edelweiß (1982) — Märchenblau (1983) — Mit Rucksack und Harpune (1985) — Moonlight Nights (1985) — 10 Millionen Partys (1988) — Kapitän der Träume (1992) — Bayreuth 1 (1998) — Bayreuth 2 (2000) — Eisenherz (2002) — Pop (2004) —
Bayreuth 3 (2006) — DOM (2012) — Neumond (2014) — Ich (2015) — Thron (2016) — Rübezahl (2018)

Ausgerechnet Katze 43-minute WDR docu from No…

Ausgerechnet Katze

43-minute WDR docu from Nordrhein-Westfalen in Northwestern Germany on keeping cats as pets in Germany – with about 11 million cats in a country of about 80 million people, they are by far the #1 pet in the country.

48% of households in Germany have some kind of pet.

DARK — Official Trailer Dark is a German scif…

DARK — Official Trailer

Dark is a German scifi thriller series co-created by Baran bo Odar & Jantje Friese. It’s the first German-language Netflix original show, it debuted in 2017. The first season received mostly positive reviews and season 2 has been green-lit by Netflix and is being produced.

When local children in the fictional German town of Winden start disappearing, it brings to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and dark past of 4 families living there, revealing a mystery that spans 3 generations. The series follows Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager struggling to cope with his father’s suicide; police officer Ulrich Nielsen, whose brother disappeared 33 years earlier; and police chief Charlotte Doppler.

Beginning in 2019, the story soon spreads to include storylines in 1986 and 1953 via time travel, as certain characters of the show’s core families slowly grow aware of the existence of a wormhole in the cave system beneath the local nuclear power plant, under the management of the influential Tiedemann family. During the first season, the secrets of the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families begin to be revealed, and their lives start to crumble as the ties between the disappeared children and the history of the town and its citizens becomes evident.

Has anybody seen it? What did you think?