willkommen-in-germany: Die Donauwelle (”Danube Wave”) is a…


Die Donauwelle (”Danube Wave”) is a traditional cake popular in Germany and Austria. It includes sour cherries, buttercream, cocoa, and chocolate. Like in a marble cake, light and dark cake batter are mixed to create a swirl effect. Due to its wavy pattern and its chocolate decoration that resembles waves it got its name although the derivation of the term “Donau” is not clear. It could be due to its prevalence of the cake that is popular in places along the Danube. Another name for it is Schneewittchenkuchen (”Snow White Cake”), giving credit to the color combo black, white & red also mentioned in the fairy tale. The batter combines butter, flour, eggs, and sugar and is divided into 2 parts, 1 of which is colored with cocoa. The 2 batters are spread onto a baking sheet, the cocoa batter above the base batter. The cake is then plated with sour cherries and baked. During the baking process the cherries sink to the bottom, causing the wavy pattern. After the cake has cooled it is decorated with a thick layer of buttercream and iced with a chocolate glaze ornamented in a wavy manner with a fork. 150 recipes to choose from (auf Deutsch).

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