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Herbst im Odenwald. Der Odenwald is a low mountain range in Hessen, Bayern & Baden-Württemberg. There are many folk legends connected with this region and its historic sites:

– mysterious actions and appearances of ghosts in a castle (e.g. in the 2 Bergstraße ruins Auerbach and Windeck) or nightscapes like the Höhmann near Bensheim, the White Lady of Mossau, the Schlurcher near Erbach, the Man without head near Heppenheim, the ghost nuns of Steinbach monastery.

– stories of knights and their ladies: Konrad and Ann-Els von Tannenberg, Edelmut von Ehrenberg and Minna von Horneck at the Minneburg, Georg von Frankenstein and Annemariechen, Hans von Rodenstein and Maria von Hochberg.

– apparitions of the devil: Teufelspfad (pathway of the devil) to the Felsberg, Teufelsstein (rock of the devil) at Löhrbach, Opferstein (altar stone) on top of the Juhöhe, or apparitions of witches and shapeshifters.

In the Nibelungenlied, the dragon slayer Siegfried, on a hunting trip leading from the Burgundian city of Worms into the Odenwald, is murdered by Hagen of Tronje. Since no exact spot for this deed has been handed down, countless communities are squabbling over the right to call themselves “Siegfried’s Murder Site”, for example a spring near Gras-Ellenbach (Siegfriedsbrunnen), Mossautal-Hüttenthal (Lindelbrunnen) or Heppenheim (Siegfriedbrunnen).